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Her characters have drawn thousands to Yankee Candle events. She has drawn hundreds to her own events, over and over again. She knows how to draw crowds, and promotional teams have been seeking out her help ever since she was a teen. Today she can work with you or your promotional/marketing team on how to drive business, come up with creative cross-promotional marketing ideas, and strategize. Utilize resources at hand, and incentivize to achieve the goals for your business.

Jackie’s Bio

Jackie worked for the Walt Disney Company for over five years. She learned how to get creative with cross-marketing and utilizing resources to achieve the company’s goals. Being trained by Disney Corporate, she understands what it means to create and deliver a "magical" experience.   

When she worked with Travelers (on a 100K budget) she created a successful campaign to boost school attendance in the entire City of Hartford incentivizing kids and parents with concerts, college fairs, and scavenger hunts. And she was only 24 years old. 


She started Dream Party, LLC in April 2014 and has created memories that will last a lifetime for families in the Northeast.  Today large clients like Yankee Candle and Texas Roadhouse seek her out because they know that her themed character events will draw people, crowds, and help them to achieve their business goals.

Having daughters herself Jackie knows how important it is to create memories that will last a lifetime.  There is nothing better than seeing the children's faces light up in pure amazement when they see their dream princess or favorite character walk through the door.  

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