Choose Your Birthday Party Theme


The princess will come to your castle. Crown all of the children (up to 20). Teach them princess etiquette to make them official royal princesses and princes.


Choose Riding Ponies or Palace Mini Ponies: We bring A pony to your party that the children will learn to groom, get a chance to decorate with bows, then ride.   


 Choose your favorite superhero! Bat-Hero, Spider-Guy, Wonder-Lady

Space Wars

All kids will receive a light saber (up to 15 kids). Teach the kids how to be a Jedi. Learn how to fight the dark force. Take individual turns Fighting Darth or Kylo. Play Games such as Freeze Dance, Limbo, etc.

Mermaids & Fairies

Swim with the mermaids! Princess Fairies put a sparkle in all of the parties. 


Trolls, Beasts, Minions, or Maui!

Party Pricing

Mileage applies for distances over 30 miles from our facility in East Longmeadow, MA

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Disclaimer: We have many different actors that play many different characters. You may not get the specific actors pictured on this website.

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